Everyday, more and more consumers are concerned about their health and the provenance of the ingredients in their meals.
We are committed to serve you, carefully chosen, healthy and tasty products for your meal in a relaxing and casual atmosphere for any occasion.
The producer of Sumibi Yakiniku An, Masaaki Sakai, who is a known celebrity in Japan, and the host of several successful food related TV shows, has carefully and successfully reflected all the needs of today's consumer in a stylish venue, accessible for everyone.

You can gather with your family or friends on the first floor in a Yakiniku-Style including a bar counter, or have your business lunches and dinners in one of the private rooms and japanese style tables on the second floor, been served the "Wagyu Motobu Gyu" Okinawa beef with vegetables specially selected directly from the farm.
The terms "safety", "healthy", "hospitality" and "high-grade service" will not stand just as words, but as reflection of your great experience at Sumibi Yakiniku An.

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